Where is MICHIANA?

Geographically speaking, most people would agree that Michiana is located in the very heart of the midwestern United States. Specifically, the word is a regional description of an area that spans the bottom portion of the state of Michigan and the top part of the state of Indiana. That's where agreement generally ends.

The choice of what counties, towns and cities to include depends upon your perspective. Used as a marketing tool to pinpoint a specific demographic area for radio or TV broadcoast reach or for market research to designate a shopping segment, Michiana comprises the lower Michiana counties of Cass and St. Joseph, with Berrien sometimes included, and the upper Indiana counties of Elkhart and a second St. Joseph (same name, different state), with Laporte and Marshall counties occasionally included.

Perhaps Michiana is as much a state of mind as a location. Either you agree with the "Michiana" concept or you don't. Some people are quite adament that they live in Michigan OR Indiana, period. If you buy into the idea, you are likely to include such Michigan communities as Edwardsburg, Adamsville, Niles, Mottville and White Pigeon in Michigan; and Elkhart, Mishawaka, South Bend, Bristol and Goshen in Indiana. TV or radio broadcasters are likely to encompass larger areas, but a 20 or so mile radius is likely to be closer to the real "heart" of Michiana.

Such close proximity of communiites has led to much crossing of the state lines: to work, to shop and for recreation. It is common to live in one state and work in the other, with more workers commuting to Indiana than vice-versa. The three major industries that we explore in this site are primarily located in Indiana, but with subsidiaries and suppliers in Michigan.

Again, we invite our readers to share information about the Michiana area where they work or call home. Click on the links to read more about these communities. And if we've left yours out, let us know via E-mail


Indiana: Elkhart, South Bend, College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, Mishawaka, Bristol, Middlebury, LaGrange, Goshen

Michigan: Adamsville, Edwardsburg, Niles, Dowagiac, St. Joseph/Benton Harbor, Constantine, Mottville, White Pigeon

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